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Nursing is a rewarding profession, but the working conditions can be punishing. Overcapacity leading to hallway nursing is a significant problem, as is violence, understaffing, and mandatory overtime. These and many other issues that reduce the quality of worklife for nurses and negatively impact patient care are discussed here.

However, we do not dwell upon the negative. We move beyond these issues to explore positive practices underway from coast to coast where nurses are working with their employers and unions to make things better. Think Nursing! is about hope and change.

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Regina Young, NLNU

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Regina Young, NLNU Regina is an operating room nurse, in charge of the orthopedic service. Married for 31 years, she has a 29-year-old daughter who lives in Qatar. Regina likes...

Jill Ross, ONA

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Jill Ross, ONA A primary nurse, Jill currently works in the ambulatory oncology unit. She also works in the "stretcher bay" where a lot of procedures are undertaken to look...

Sandra Brayer, UNA

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Sandra Brayer, UNA Sandra's been nursing for 20 years and for the last several she worked a straight night shift as a float across medical and surgical units at the...

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