Career pathways and support for education

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The availability of educational opportunities and the information and tools to seek, start and sustain a career pathway in nursing is critical. CFNU has called for the establishment of a $1-billion health education fund to support continuing education programs, nursing education programs and a bursary system for nursing students with guarantee return of service agreements. Innovative tools such as the CNA’s online portal – NurseONE – are key to helping nurses develop professionally by supporting continuing competence, education and career development. Visit to find out how.

Health human resource strategies must include these career pathway supports as they assist nurses to access opportunities for movement into new areas of specialization, and even into management or leadership positions. CFNU’s applied research in this area (Workplace Skills Initiative – New Skills for Nurses: A Partnership Approach to Professional Development, 2005, and Research to Action: Applied Workplace Solutions for Nurses, 2008) is profiled here.


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