International recruitment of nurses

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CFNU has recently participated in a consultation on the World Health Organization’s development of a code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel. This code addresses healthcare worker recruitment in countries experiencing a crisis shortage in their health workforce. CFNU also aligns itself with the principles endorsed by the International Council of Nurses’ Position Statement on Ethical Nurse Recruitment: fair labour practices, accurate disclosure, non-discrimination, objective grading criteria, access to education as well as induction and orientation programmes. Any recruitment strategy cannot be used alone as a means to rectify the nursing shortage. Recruitment can only succeed where retention efforts are even more of a priority. CFNU firmly believes that, despite the damage they cause, existing nursing shortages do not validate the recruitment of migrant health workers where a system lacks a solid foundation to support the retention of existing health workers and recruitment of domestic health workers. What do you think? Voice your opinion


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