Manola Barlow, MNU

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Manola Barlow, MNU

Her role with the MNU is a great fit for Manola who, herself, loves to travel internationally and has had the opportunity to visit a number of different countries. During her spare time she also loves to play piano and make the most of our wonderful summers with camping trips and on long walks with her puppy.

The Manitoba Nurses’ Union (MNU) is reaching far beyond its provincial borders to help reduce provincial nursing shortages in hospitals and care centres. Internationally trained nurses are finding exciting new opportunities in Manitoba, and thanks to MNU-assisted programs, they are finding the cultural education, accreditation assistance and language training they need.

In her role as Diversity Coordinator with the MNU, Manola Barlow works directly with internationally educated nurses as they begin their careers in Manitoba. She meets with nurses to assist in evaluating their language and educational needs, as well as coordinating programs which offer information on Canadian culture, work place practices and more.

Barlow points out that having nurses from other countries and cultures can bring a whole new level to patient care. “To have the workplace reflect our diverse country is excellent,” explains Barlow. “If you have nurses that can talk to the patient in their first language, I think they can ultimately provide better care. As well, they know some of the cultural issues because they have experienced them first hand.”

For Barlow, it is satisfying to watch the dreams of many new nurses come to fruition after they receive the training and assistance they need. “Many nurses have expressed their thanks that we’ve been so supportive. Connecting people to the resources they need – not necessarily being all the resources – is very rewarding.”


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