Nursing Leadership

In looking to the future of nursing, we cannot ignore the continued impact of decisions made during the healthcare “restructuring” of the 1990s. The loss of large numbers of front-line nurse managers has left a void that has yet to be adequately addressed. This void has resulted in decreased nurse involvement in decision making and planning of policies and procedures at the organizational level. As worksites have seen chronic short-staffing and rising acuity levels, the importance of an experienced nurse manager will continue to grow. Providing a strong support for nurse management will open new development opportunities for experienced nurses, promoting mentorship, leadership and advocacy for nurses.

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Cathy Kyle, SUN

Cathy has been a nurse for 31 years. She works at the Regina General Hospital. She has held many educator roles over the years for both patients and nurses. For the last 28 years, she has worked in Critical Care. Her focus in the last 14…

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