Research paper synopsis


CFNU has been analyzing research and putting findings into practice – implementing and testing a number of positive practices hoped to improve working conditions for nurses.

Researchers from nurses’ unions across Canada came together to examine a wide range of research-supported strategies that can help create better workplaces. The collection of research presented here will profile issues such as (but not limited to) flexible work arrangements, support for education, mentorship, leadership development, and fostering a culture of health and safety.

While an enormous amount of good research has been done on many areas of nursing, other areas are largely uncharted or have been overlooked altogether. By starting with a diverse set of topics, we hope to re-invigorate and inspire ideas for today in order to create the nursing workplace we want tomorrow.

The Collection

The topics in this initial collection of papers represent key issues in nursing workplaces today. The pieces offer a range of perspectives across time (past versus future), place (local versus national), and specificity (particular versus general). Each paper covers a topic with a certain set of parameters, giving depth and understanding of each issue. We hope that people will add to each topic filling out each continuum of time, place and specificity. Choose a topic…

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Melanie Leckovic, BCNU

An Emergency nurse for over 30 years, Melanie is a Patient Care Coordinator at Burnaby Hospital Emergency and in her first term as Vice President of BCNU. She currently oversees the Repair the Care campaign which educates members on the …

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